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Welcome to Transdoc, a leading name in Medical Transcription (MT).  Make your high earning (Rs. 15,000- Rs. 60,000 per month or more) dream career come true from any city or town in India or abroad.  Work from home.  Choose your own working hours.  Earn High Income.   Be financially independent and stress free.  We offer Home-Based Medical Transcription training which is extremely effective and result oriented.  There are numerous job opportunities at leading MT companies across the country and abroad. We abide by the AHDI -COMPRO guidelines and offer Online Interactive, Easy to understand online medical transcription training.

No age bar.

No qualification restrictions.

Medical transcription industry is growing very fast in India. The biggest advantage is that a trained and reliable Medical Transcriptionist can also work from home and choose convenient working hours.  The earning potential is great. It is an exciting career and has thousands of people working in medical transcription companies or from home all over India.

AHDI-Compliant online medical transcription training.

SCROM - The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), published by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) project, is a de facto standard for e-learning content.

Transdoc is India's leading Online Medical Transcription training provider

All you need is a PC (desktop or laptop) with an internet connection.
1 Mbps or more dedicated broadband connection
Our live online training program is as per AHDI-COMPRO guidelines.

Medical transcription: A brief and simple explanation
Doctors in countries like USA, Canada, etc are required to type and document all the details of their patients.  These typed documented reports of the patients are helpful to other doctors in future.  These typed documented files or reports are also very important for insurance claims.  The doctors in these countries do not have the time to type these reports and labour is very expensive in these countries.  The doctors therefore instead of typing these reports, record the details of the patients and create audio files.  These audio files through the internet or other means are sent to the companies in India where candidates listen to the audio files and type them.  Medical transcription is the conversion of audio files into word files (audio files dictated by foreign doctors concerning their patients).  These jobs are outsourced to countries like India for a simple reason; labour is comparatively extremely cheap as compared to USA, Canada, etc. Medical transcription can be done at home choosing your own working hours.

A candidate need not be a doctor or a person from a science or medical background.  Good listening skills and good written English are the basic requirements.  Speed and accuracy can be achieved with practice and good training.

Good training which comprises of reading material, terminology exercises, software usage, English grammar etc can help you build a high paying global career and transform you into a highly competent medical transcriptionist at home.

You can now learn Medical Transcription (MT) online at the comfort of your home via our highly specialized Virtual Video Classes at your own flexible hours and convenience. Our classes are highly professional and we use the latest methods and technology to make sure you enjoy our Video Classes.

You have 24x7 access to all the online Medical Transcription Video lectures.

The training videos which cover all the points and aspects of medical transcription can be viewed again and again until you have understood the subject perfectly.

Start work at home choosing your own flexible hours as a Home-Based MT and earn Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 60,000 or more

Our Interactive Online MT Classes (Video+Audio) make learning medical transcription easy, exciting, convenient and extremely effective and are  result and job-oriented. These online training classes are as good as attending actual classroom lectures.  Learning medical transcription was never this easy.

There are numerous MT job vacancies in the field of medical transcription, but these MT companies hire only professionally-trained and quality-oriented medical transcriptionists.  We at Transdoc prepare you to be one. 

Anyone with good English skills (housewives, students from any stream – science/commerce/arts, graduates, undergraduate, doctors, engineers, nurses, physiotherapists, teachers, VRS, retired professionals,  etc) and basic computer knowledge is capable of learning Medical Transcription at home and work at home for any company like M*Modal (formerly CBay), Spraynce Focus Infosys, Spheris, , Medwrite, Mediscribe DTS America, Accentia, Ascent Infoserve, Cerebra, BritishOrient, Heartland, Perry Johnson, AjaxDotComm, Speech2Text, E-Health/ScribeTech, Hautears, V-Scribe, Edictate, , Infoscript, ScriptoComm, Aplex, Jaya Infotech Accolade M Square, Acusis, LakeSystems, Global Meditrans, , A2 Technologies, , Fore Trans, , etc.  Many MTs in India are working directly for the US hospitals or doctors.

Medical Transcription is highly lucrative as it is recession proof and the income is high as compared to most home-based jobs for a simple reason, the dollar (US or Canadian) and pound (UK ) conversion into rupees is very high.

Our training prepares you to start your dream career in the lucrative field of medical transcription.  No travelling, avoid stress, save time and earn Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 60,000 or more from any city/town in India or abroad.

Home based medical transcription is very popular with educated housewives. (Don’t let your education go to waste).  Even part-time medical transcription at home offers you very good earning potential.  Be financially independent and have a back-up financial support system for the rest of your life.

Retired (or VRS) educated people can choose to work part-time and generate a regular income source at home as there is no age bar.

People from small cities or towns need not travel or relocate in big expensive cities to find good high paying jobs.  You are just a click away from a highly desirable and stable career.

Professionals with regular jobs choose to start medical transcription (part time- at home or office) to have an additional income source and a back-up career.

Students from any stream (Arts, commerce or science) prefer medical transcription to other jobs as they can work from home (or hostel), choose their own working hours and the number of hours they want to work.  This helps them manage both their academic career and a steady source of income.

Medical Transcription industry in India is growing fast.  There is a huge shortage of well trained medical transcriptionists.  It is estimated that this industry has the potential to grow further at a great speed with the new health care initiatives and investments in USA.

We at Transdoc, try to follow the best procedures and practices existing in the industry.  The candidates are professionally trained to use the softwares involved in medical transcription in order to achieve maximum accuracy (quality).

No need to worry about qualification or age – anyone with good written English can learn and work as a home-based MT.

Transdoc gives you 100% job assistance after the successful completion of training and evaluation.  Work from any city or town in India (or any part of the world). Choose your own flexible working Hours.

Requirement to start our innovative online training:  A Pentium 4 or dual core PC installed with Windows Vista, 2000,XP, Win 7 ultimate, Win 8, Win 10 operating system with a sound card,  and minimum 512 MB RAM (2 GB is preferred), 40 GB Hard disk space, good quality headphone with mic, broadband or 3G with at least 1 Mbps speed, sufficient backup, etc.

Training at Transdoc  is provided by well-experienced and dedicated online trainers (Even American or Canadian citizens).

Work as a Home Based MT from any city or town in India where there are no jobs available.

The earning potential is very high in medical transcription.  On an average a dedicated medical transcriptionist in USA earns around 1.00 to 3.5 lakhs (income in Indian Rupees) per month.  If we calculated just 20% of their estimated income it comes to Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 70,000 per month. These jobs are outsourced to India as labour is comparatively very cheap in India and the dollar conversion rates help make medical transcription jobs highly lucrative and attractive.

Transdoc makes it possible to learn and work from home with minimum investment.  Make your dream come true and enjoy the benefits of a recession proof career.

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